Welcome to Nature Trails Indonesia

Informative Quality Tourism: Explore Indonesia’s Nature & Culture

Welcome to Nature Trails Indonesia

Informative Quality Tourism: Explore Indonesia’s Nature & Culture

Welcome to Nature Trails Indonesia

Informative Quality Tourism: Explore Indonesia’s Nature & Culture
Come with us on travels through Indonesia, across the mountains, on the rivers, into the forests, to the beaches, into natural landscapes you will enjoy, and into cultural settings you will find fascinating and enriching.

Nature Trails Indonesia Package Collection

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Get-away Jungle Craft

We visit a Dayak tribe to observe how they maintain their connections with nature and traditions

Rainforest Knowledge

On this page we list some things you may want to look closer at once you are inside the tropical lowland rainforest. What makes the rainforest special is that all the things listed here occur all in the same place. Rainforests are estimated to cover only 6% of the...

Livelihood in Gunung Leuser

We follow the main road along the Geumpang River, from Ketambe and upstreams towards Blangkejeren, making stops along the road to visit farmers and farms.

Banda Aceh One-day Tour

The city of Banda Aceh has about 250 000 inhabitants. It is a center of commerce and administration and has a big fishing port. The tour will give you impressions of the history, the impact of the tsunami, but also of the daily life of the city. Aceh is the...

Bali Classic

Land in Denpasar, rest in comfort at a beach resort, swim in the sea, listen to explanations regarding Balinese culture and other Balinese traits you will encounter later.

Sulawesi Toraja Tour

Toraja is an area in south-central Sulawesi,and also the name of an ethnic group, famous for intricate funeral rites and for spectacular, very unique, housing architecture.

Komodo Archipelago Odyssey

Komodo has become famous for the Komodo Dragon, the biggest lizard on earth, but it deserves visiting also for its archipelago with islands all around the horizon, and for its diving waters with corals and Manta Ray.

Into Dayak Country

An unfogettable experience in the forests and on the rivers and lakes in the interior of Borneo, or the Heart of Borneo, in the company of the people who live there.

 For those of you who want more of wilderness and adventure we design packages that include nature exploration, fishing, canoeing and watching wildlife. Just let us know!

Form your team, make your wish-list, let us know!

The packages above are ready-made examples. You are welcome to suggest your own ideas regarding duration and activities such as nature exploration, fishing, river rafting, canoeing and watching wildlife. We can receive individual travelers but we very much encourage you to form your own group – it is cheaper per head .

As a contrast we offer day-tours of Jakarta, one of the world’s biggest cities, to explore its history, some of the culinary specialties of Indonesian cuisine, and other cultural expressions such as ground-breaking fashion design merging East and West. And jazz music!

And to round it off you might want to spend a few days on the island that everybody talks about: Bali.

Through your visits you will contribute, directly or indirectly, to the preservation of the areas you visit and its traditions, and to the wellbeing of the people you meet. If you value the nature reserves and the miracles of nature found there , if you want to protect and preserve them – visit them!

Bring your camera or smartphone, and we will give you material for a log book that will amaze your friends!