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Nature Trails Indonesia
We practice tourism with additional insights. Enjoy the sun, the tropical breeze and the warm sea water. And look around, watch the scene, see our natural resources in a global perspective, their fragility, their importance for our economy, wellbeing, health and sense of purpose, destiny and beauty – all those things without which we will not survive. And consider that only us humans can take care of them.
In Nature Trails Indonesia we wish to put your experience in context, enhance your travel adventure by pointing out our global relationships, and show that we are all participants in processes of change. That is how life works. You are involved also. In one way or another you are part of the ongoing reshaping of our world 
Only 50 years ago the world was still huge and we were small. But time keeps on ticking and things keep on changing, sometimes in a less noticeable way, sometimes abruptly. A drastic example is the tests with nuclear bombs carried out regularly in the 50ies. In 1961 the then Soviet Union detonated the so far biggest nuclear bomb ever, the impact of which would soon show the world over. in the form of rising radioactivity levels, everywhere. Everywhere. Our world was not huge anymore, and we realised that human beings could rock it, perhaps not as individuals but as members of a totality. We got to learn about the emerging shortage of fresh water in some parts of the world.
And right under our noses, with all of us involved, appears the growth of garbage and other forms of pollution, where the oceans and the atmosphere have served as free-of-charge dumping grounds, out of sight as it were, until we are now at a stage where nobody can avoid noticing the impact.
Other driving forces of change that we can see are increasing consumption and the relentless struggle for survival of a growing population, leading to a simmering conflict between man and nature – a conflict that necessarily has to be converted into coexistence. A LANDSCAPE is a place where man meets nature. We may find the landscape beautiful or not – but there are distinct reasons why the landscape looks the way it does.
We want you to meet the people living in those landscapes. And we want your visit to benefit them. They will show you and tell you about their own place and their life. Be curious, not suspicious.  
Mass tourism is growing exponentially, and rolls on like the big business that it is. In some places it is seen as a threat to environment and sustainability, as a cause in itself of increased CO2 emissions, global warming, garbage proliferation beyond remedy, erosion of natural and cultural values etc. In Nature Trails Indonesia we are not going to stop it, only try our best to show that things can be done differently.
We are conducting our operations in accordance with globally set and accepted standards.

We are well aware of the UN-approved Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and work as much as we possibly can towards them, in particular what concerns rural welfare and care for the environment. All of them are important, but those that we are in immediate contact with in daily work are nrs 5, 6, 11, and 15.

Responsible Tourism is described in www.tourism4development2017.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/tips_web.pdf?platform=hootsuite

The declaration starts with the words “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” (Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of free India 1947-64) . Five key pieces of advice are given (pls look them up).

For our part we put extra emphasis on:
Protect our Planet, Be an Informed Traveller, and Be a Respectful Traveller

Our Tours

  • Get-away Jungle Craft
    We visit a Dayak tribe to observe how they maintain their connections with nature and traditions […]
  • Trekking in Gunung Leuser
    GUNUNG LEUSER is one of the biggest remaining areas of unspoiled nature in the world. […]
  • Rainforest Knowledge
  • Livelihood in Gunung Leuser
    We follow the main road along the Geumpang River, from Ketambe and upstreams towards Blangkejeren, making stops along the road to visit farmers and farms. […]
  • Banda Aceh One-day Tour
  • Carita Beach and Krakatau Volcano
    Sea the panorama, the beauty and expanse of sea and white sand, and a dormant volcano with a violent past of Banten, West Java. […]
  • Bali Classic
    Land in Denpasar, rest in comfort at a beach resort, swim in the sea, listen to explanations regarding Balinese culture and other Balinese traits you will encounter later. […]
  • Sulawesi Toraja Tour
    Toraja is an area in south-central Sulawesi,and also the name of an ethnic group, famous for intricate funeral rites and for spectacular, very unique, housing architecture. […]
  • Komodo Archipelago Odyssey
    Komodo has become famous for the Komodo Dragon, the biggest lizard on earth, but it deserves visiting also for its archipelago with islands all around the horizon, and for its diving waters with corals and Manta Ray. […]
  • Into Dayak Country
    An unfogettable experience in the forests and on the rivers and lakes in the interior of Borneo, or the Heart of Borneo, in the company of the people who live there. […]
  • Heart of Borneo
    This trip is a combination of boating, trekking, jungle camping and staying with Dayak tribes, the indigenous people of Borneo in the places where they live. […]