Banda Aceh Tour

Duration: 1 Day including dinner by sunset on the beach

The city of Banda Aceh has about 250 000 inhabitants. It is a center of commerce and administration and has a big fishing port.

The tour will give you impressions of the history, the impact of the tsunami, but also of the daily life of the city.

Tour Info

Level of Fitness Requirement:

Tour in airconditione car, short walks

Trip starts / ends:

at your hotel in Banda Aceh, from early morning till after dark – this will be a long day!

Best time to go:
almost any time of the year, except the months of March and April when the winds may be very strong and the beaches not inviting, they may even unsafe.

Participants : Max. 15


  • Visit to the fish market at TPI Lampulo early morning, to see the amazing variety of ocean fish, and buy some for dinner
  • On to the Baiturrahman mosque, one of the most famous in Indonesia, especially since it stood up to the tsunami wave.
  • The Tsunami Museum
  • The incredible Power Barge that at the time of the tsunami was providing the whole city with electric power from an enormous diesel engine with generator – it was lifted by the wave for more or less 1 km and landed on top of a cluster of houses that were crushed under its weight. The barge was built so sturdily that it remains almost intact.
  • Nongkrong (hanging out) Aceh style, rest your feet and enjoy kopi saring (filter coffe) while people pass by. (You may want to buy some coffee beans for later, some of the world’s best.)
  • The body of a DC3 airplane that used to belong to Indonesia’s first airline – this is just for you to contemplate that the commercial flights between Amsterdam and Batavia, as Indonesia’s capital was then called, started in 1936 and were flown with these planes – without pressurized cabin. The flight could take a week since the pilot had to look for a safe place to land every evening.
  • “The boat on top of the houses” – a wooden ship that was torn from its moorings and brought into town. About 50 persons were sleeping onboard and were reportedly all safe
  • A swim and sunset as seen from white-sand beach Lampuuk, west of the City, with grilled fish and stewed vegetables for dinner.

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