Get-away Jungle Craft

Duration: 3 Days 2 Nights

Let the contrasts open your senses – get away from the city into a separate reality, and look into the way of life of a Dayak tribe living in the forest. They do things differently there!

Observing the Dayak Tribe

This tour is designed specifically for you who are busy in Jakarta and want to give yourself a break and escape for a couple of days to something entirely different – and gain some new insights in the process. We visit a Dayak tribe to observe how they maintain their connections with nature and traditions, while adjusting to the changing manners of the outside world (as an example note the surgical gloves and deinfectant used by the tatoo team – while the patterns applied are the same as in photos the first explorers took).

Tour Info

Level of Fitness Requirement:
the visit includes a walk for 3-4 hours through a natural rain forest managed by the Sg Utik community

Trip starts / ends: in Jakarta, via Pontianak to Putussibau. From there by road to Sungai Utik

Best time to go: Almost anytime!

Participants : Min 5, Max 15


  • First morning: early flight from Jakarta, via Pontianak, quick lunch after landing in Putussibau, then on by car to the settlement
  • Reception ceremony in typical Dayak long-house, snack
  • Visit school, shifting-cultivation rice field ,and fruit tree gardens nearby.
  • See handicraft in the long-house (this community collaborates with the Sekar Kawung Foundation, which gives support to traditional weaving, using material and natural colours from the area)
  • Prepare for overnight, participatory cooking if you like (if you are a vegetarian or have allergies you can make sure all is suitable for you)
  • Dinner, mingling with community, music, early to bed
  • Second morning: rice breakfast.
  • Walk through the community forest. Introduction to typical features of the tropical rain forest. Examples of important tree species that the Dayak make use of. Useful products in the forest including food and medicines.
  • Lunch – ready-made – that we bring along from the longhouse.
  • Return to the village by boat/canoe. More handicraft for those who wish.
  • Opportunity to meditate in a quiet hut in the forest or by the stream for those who wish.
  • Cooking, dinner, music, dancing.
  • Third morning: Rice breakfast. Car to Putussibau Airport, flight to Jakarta via Pontianak, arrival in Jakarta scheduled at around 5 p m

Tour Description

  • The area is isolated, so bring a spirit of adventure, and an interest in Bornean culture, landscape and wildlife.
  • Longhouse – The setting is rustic and simple. You will probably not have many moments entirely to yourself – there are some 70 families in 26 “bilik” (appartments)  in the house! Bathing at the riverside where you will have to use “sarong”, or swim pants or similar Dayaks do not favour public nudity.
  • Basic facilities in the longhouse means bed with mattress on the floor with pillow, blanket, mosquito net, fan, common bath with shower (without hot water), simple squat toilet.
    Food and water – Food is cooked on gas stove in the longhouse. You are welcome to participate. Plenty of vegetables – many kinds. We bring bottled water for drinking. Water for bathing in the bathroom is from a spring quite a bit upstream to make sure there is no pollution.
  • You need to be in good health and able to walk for 2-3 hours into the forest where it is hot and damp But you do not have to be an athlete, the walk is not heavy.
    In the forest: expect leeches and insects along the trails – we do our best to provide leach socks and repellants.
  • There is a boat ride included, back to the longhouse/base camp from the forest – by so-called longboat, crafted in the village, with paddles and outboard engine. River levels can change drastically depending on rainfall. If the water level is high, there are a few rapids to pass. If water level is low you may have to help carrying the boat to the next water filled section
    Telecommunications – Mobile phone reception only in Putussibau, the village is totally out of coverage. While walking in the hills upstream we sometimes hit a spot with a signal, but that is not to be relied on. (Note the photo above of Pak Ganja – he is standing in front of a stick flagged with a cigaret pack – to mark phone signal.)
  • Medical facilities – Please bring your personal medical kit with what you need. Health care is only available in Putussibau; we keep a vehicle on 24hrs stand-by in case.
  • The weather : In Kalimantan it rains most of the time, you are in the rainforest! (although El niňo may stop the rains for a period) Normally Less rain from June until August. This means that smaller rivers may dry up.