Management of real estate and management of Nature are conceptually different. An approach that might prove useful, as an ingredient among many, was presented recently – we are really looking forward to follow-up reports from this interesting “experiment”: The river Whanganui in New Zealand has recently been declared a Juridical Person, a legal entity with the same rights as humans. (The Economist also has an article about it. It seems India is considering following suit with Ganges and Yamuna.) Two “spokespersons” are appointed, one by the Central Government, and one by the resident Maori nation. – We need to follow up and see how this works. A national park in NZ, Te Urewera, was given similar status in 2014.
A juridical person can bring law offenders to court. Another useful aspect is that the river will be dealt with as one unit, regardless of boundaries between local administrations upstream and downstream.
This is just an idea among many – it might help resolve some administrative obstacles. – Something for the Heart of Borneo?