Into Dayak Country - Lake Sentarum - West Kalimantan

Duration: 8 Days 7 Nights

An unforgettable experience in the forests and on the rivers and lakes in the interior of Borneo, or the Heart of Borneo, in the company of the people who live there.

Meet the Dayak Tribes

Here are still large forest areas that remain relatively unaffected by modern life, and we meet Dayak tribes who depend entirely on what the forest can provide.

We will visit two National Parks: Danau Sentarum and Betung Kerihun.

The tour involves short-distance walks through the forest. From the town of Putussibau into the forest area we go by car or minibus. From then on most of the travel is by boat,.The boats are so-called longboats, with outboard engines, used by the population for transport. They are quite comfortable and not too noisy so we can have a conversation on-board, nor do they make waves disturbing people on the river banks. For your safety we always keep a speedboat on stand-by in case of urgent need.

Trip Info

Trip Starts and Ends: in Jakarta, via Pontianak in West Kalimantan, to Putussibau by air. If you wish to arrive through another route, please let us know.

Best Time to Go:

February to Mid July – Good season for wildlife and lake cruising

End of July – September – Dry season, the lake becomes a savannah!

October – November – Rainy Season, still ok but slippery trails

December – January – Normally too rainy to be pleasant or safe

Level of Fitness Requirements: some trekking is included, but not longer than one hour, Most travel is by boat on lakes and rivers, and by car or minivan

Number of participants: min 2, max 15


  • Welcome ceremony in Dayak longhouse, with overnight stay and joining the social life in the long-house
  • Travel on the Empaloh river in motorised longboat, enter the national park of Betung Kerihun, see original rainforest and go around to look for wild anomals, sleep in tent in the forest and listen to the day-break concert
  • Travel by boat across the unique Lake Sentarum in an inland archipelago (or go by car on trails at the lake bed if it is the extreme dry season – the lake dries out sometimes)
  • See the inundated forest, if in the wet season
  • Try fishing in a small lake, that does not dry out, so that one always can find fish there
  • Observe the life of the Dayak living along the rivers and lakes, stay overnight in another longhouse
  • Enjoy the sunrise, or sunset, from a hilltop on an island in the lake complex, swim in the lake and try some more fishing
  • Pls see Trip Report for testimonials