Livelihood in Gunung Leuser np

Duration: 1 day
Gunung Leuser National Park covers 7,927 km2 in northern Sumatra, Indonesia, straddling the border of North Sumatra and Aceh provinces.
We follow the main road along the Geumpang River, from Ketambe and upstreams towards Blangkejeren, making stops along the road to visit farmers and farms. The road and the river divide the Park into two parts.

The Area

The road winds its way up and down the foothills of the big mountains that dominate the landscape. The vistas from hilltops are spectacular. In the slopes of the hills are farms and plantations.

Bali Classic Tour

Tour Info

Level of Fitness Requirement:
Medium Adventure (you can choose a climb to the crater of Gunung Agung)

Trip starts / ends: at your overnight place in Ketambe, full day

Best time to go:
dry season June-September

Participants : Min can be 1 if you are brave enough to ride at the back of the guide’s motorbike! But otherwise a minimum of two is more reasonable, for a small car. Five visitors plus guide and driver can be accommodated in one car


  • Corn farms in the hill slopes
  • plantations of coffee and cocoa
  • cooking of palm sugar
  • The activities on the farms will of course depend on the season – but there is always somethin happening.
  • Pack lunch In a farm house