Our Team

Nature Trails Indonesia

Benyamin Mallisa

Benyamin Mallisa is from Toraja country and lives in the North Toraja district capital of Rantepao. He knows all about the place and is ready to take you around and show you the landscapes and the traditions of his place.

Hermas and Edo

Hermas S Maring (right) lives in Putussibau in West Kalimantan, where he is a driving force in local area development based on natural resources. Hermas has set up his own NGO, called KOMPAKH, which among other things organises an implements tourist tours, especially trekking or boating into the Heartland of Kalimantan or what has been called the Heart of Borneo. Among the Kompakh staff Edoardus ‘Edo’ Ratungan (left) is in charge of field trips.

Gusty Radung

Gusty Radung lives in Labuhan Bajo in westernmost Flores province where also the Komodo National Park is located.
He organises boat trips, diving around the islands (Manta Ray!) and visits to the Komodo National Park and nearby islands like Gili Island.

Raza Jack

Jack Ranger lives in Ketambe, where he and his colleagues in the KPLK, an organisation to improve the skills and resources among local guides, work as guides along the trails into Gunung Leuser National Park


Nick Jewell

Nick Jewell is a GIS expert, familiar with many parts of Indonesia. He provides advice on maps and facilities to help us find our way in the wilderness.

Hana Arjani

Hana Arjani lives in Sidney, Australia. If you live in Australia you might like to call her to get information about us and our tours and services.

Mendel Pols

Mendel has a long experience of planning, organising and leading tours all over Aceh province. His base is in Banda Aceh. The tours include trekking in remote mountains and bicycle tours in Banda Aceh or around the coffee plantation areas in the highlands. He has his own web page: www.acehexplorer.com

Yusuf Muhammad

Pak Yusuf is also based in Banda Aceh.
He is retired after many years with the Govt. Tourism Service, and very well qualified to take you around to see both culture and vistas.


Lars-Gunnar is retired after many years as forestry specialist working all over SE Asia. He is a firm believer in People-Nature coexistence, but he also knows that this does not happen without an effort.

Stenly Mamengko

Stenly Mamengko is our web master. He normally works as photographer and can jump in as tour guide in his home region Manado