(You have heard the old story about how the flapping of the wings of a butterfly somewhere in the Amazon jungle results in a storm over the Caribbean weeks later , due to complicated interrelationhips in dynamic systems. Well, we are at a more critical stage now, and this is no “story”.)

A recent study in Germany shows a 75% drop in flying insects over the past 27 years.

Where I am staying in Jakarta I NEVER see a butterfly. In my garden I Sweden it is rare that I see any. And much fewer bees in the tree blossoms compared to my childhood.

The cause: lack of breeding grounds (like flowering meadows), and the increased air pollution and use of insecticides. The consequences? Less pollinators, less busy workers making sure we  humans get the fruits, the vegetables, the honey we like.

(a wasp in a flowering bush in my garden in Sweden, a larva and a butterfly in a butterfly house set up by Borodudor Hotel in Jakarta – sort of providing a home for the homeless)