Useful Tour Tips

It may rain, this is rain forest. Bring a light plastic raincoat with hood for your head. You will only use it during down-pours, so it does not have to be very sturdy. Bring plastic bags for you to keep cameras, passport etc dry in your backpack, and a rain-proof cover for your backpack.
(Umbrellas in the forest are not practical.)

A pad, e g of plastic foam, to sit on when resting – in the forest the ground is always moist.

Bring a towel, or better two, big enough so you can wrap them around your neck, to wipe sweat and protect against sunburn.

A wide-brimmed hat is nice when the sun is strong – can usually be found along the road or in the market.

Long-sleeve shirts and jeans for the trekking, shorts for resting in the camps.

Mosquito repellant and shampoo – but they are not allowed in your hand-carried luggage. Personal medicine, band aide, A small knife is always useful, but remember that you have to stow it in your check-in luggage.

Boots or canvas shoes (like Converse, but high enough). Make sure you have tried them out or worn them in already. Woolen socks. A pair of slippers or sandals for the camp.

Torch light or head lamp with extra battery, to find your way to the toilet at night.

Camera with accessories, maybe an extra battery if you take plenty of pictures, mobile phone – there is seldom any signal once we are inside the forest, but in the towns there is. Recharging batteries may be difficult when camping in the forest. In the villages there is electricity.

We provide tents where needed, mattresses, bed sheets, pillows, mosquito nets, lamps, leach socks, life vests, cushions for boat rides etc

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