Why Us?

Nature Trails Indonesia

We love nature

NATURETRAILSINDONESIA (or Indotrails for short) wants to share with you, and will help you discover more of Nature – and learn how it works

We offer visits to Indonesia’s forests, mountains, volcanos, rivers, lakes, farms, and cities too – of varying lengths to suit your preferences

You are taken care of by guides from each area we visit; they live there and know the details of the place

The guides speak English and are at home in their environment

All nature tours are arranged by a Swedish forester, active in SE Asia since 1967, Lars-Gunnar Blomkvist. Lars-Gunnar works with the guides and comes along wherever possible to provide specialist information about objects visited.

We enjoy gathering around the camp fire in the evening, not only for camp-style food but also to sum up and reflect over what we have learnt during the trek.

Luxury for us means getting close to the best of what each locality can offer.

If you wish we let you stay over-night with families in the area (home-stay) to see how they live and to chat with the family members. Otherwise in conventional over-night facilities, when we do not sleep in tents in the forest.

We make you meet local personalities, like village heads or clan leaders and experienced cultivators and craftsmen. (Lars-Gunnar has developed a certain skill when it comes to making those personalities tell their stories.)

We put much effort on safety. Our best safety net is the relation with the communities we visit – it is them who make sure that all goes to plan.

We can arrange individual tours, but we suggest group tours – it is cheaper for you.

We recommend that you form your own group and make a list of things you want to see or try. The tour packages you find on the next pages can give ideas for you to build on. Tell us, and we are happy to help with detailed planning. This procedure will of course need time, so please start early.

Ladies: if you want to make an adventure trip into the wilderness we work with several female tour operators, who offer accommodation and day-tours or longer expeditions as you wish. Form a group, check on our ready-made packages, and let us help you with a travel plan.

Indonesia is enormously big. (N:o 4 in the world in terms of population, wider than Europe, spanning 3 time zones) We focus on a limited range of areas that we are more familiar with. From west to east: Aceh on northernmost Sumatra, Lake Toba in North Sumatra, West Kalimantan (Borneo), Sulawesi east of Kalimantan, Komodo (to the East of Bali), Flores, and Alor in the far East. It is not possible to see all. Better to concentrate on one or two sites.

In addition to the above we offer short tours or visits to Jakarta and Central Java. And of course Bali, perhaps for a few days of rest after your explorations. Such visits can easily be added to the main packages.

Before we set out in Nature, we will request from you an Eco-Pledge, where you declare your interest in and respect for Nature, and your commitment to its protection. And when you return, we will provide you with a diploma outlining your added Nature experience.

Our Tours

  • Get-away Jungle Craft
    We visit a Dayak tribe to observe how they maintain their connections with nature and traditions […]
  • Trekking in Gunung Leuser
    GUNUNG LEUSER is one of the biggest remaining areas of unspoiled nature in the world. […]
  • Rainforest Knowledge
  • Livelihood in Gunung Leuser
    We follow the main road along the Geumpang River, from Ketambe and upstreams towards Blangkejeren, making stops along the road to visit farmers and farms. […]
  • Banda Aceh One-day Tour
  • Carita Beach and Krakatau Volcano
    Sea the panorama, the beauty and expanse of sea and white sand, and a dormant volcano with a violent past of Banten, West Java. […]
  • Bali Classic
    Land in Denpasar, rest in comfort at a beach resort, swim in the sea, listen to explanations regarding Balinese culture and other Balinese traits you will encounter later. […]
  • Sulawesi Toraja Tour
    Toraja is an area in south-central Sulawesi,and also the name of an ethnic group, famous for intricate funeral rites and for spectacular, very unique, housing architecture. […]
  • Komodo Archipelago Odyssey
    Komodo has become famous for the Komodo Dragon, the biggest lizard on earth, but it deserves visiting also for its archipelago with islands all around the horizon, and for its diving waters with corals and Manta Ray. […]
  • Into Dayak Country
    An unfogettable experience in the forests and on the rivers and lakes in the interior of Borneo, or the Heart of Borneo, in the company of the people who live there. […]
  • Heart of Borneo
    This trip is a combination of boating, trekking, jungle camping and staying with Dayak tribes, the indigenous people of Borneo in the places where they live. […]